31st Annual
Native American
Recognition Days

Join us for the 31st Annual Native American Recognition Days held each year during the months of October and November in the greater Phoenix area.

Community volunteers from different nonprofit organizations and community groups come together to host events sharing our beautiful heritage and culture. This year's theme is "Native American Pride: A Celebration of Culture through Art, Music and Dance". One can learn a lot about the history of a tribe through our artwork, songs and dance. Native Americans have long expressed our unique beliefs and traditions through the arts. Often, these were handed down through the generations from one family member to other family members and therefore not documented by the written word. Music, art and dance are not solely artistic expressions; they are more importantly representations of our cultural identity, world views and spiritual beliefs.

Please take time to learn more about Native American Recognition Days and the people who make it happen by perusing this website and attending some of the events. Events are open to the general public. We look forward to seeing you at many of the family friendly events scheduled this year!